• ◎Lightning Surge Arrester (0~6GHz) PATENT ◎FAKRA SMB (Automotive connector) PATENT ◎1.85mm/ 2.4mm/ 2.92mm/ 3.5mm/ SMP/ TEST+MEASUREMENT ADAPTOR/ Low PIM ADAPTOR



Lightning Surge Arrester    


Lightning Surge Arrester
Protect sensitive electronic communications equipment from the damaging effects if lightning strike electrical surge. Due to its superior, therefore performance, this unit is ideal for IEEE 802.11A/B/G wireless lan applications, as well as ISM, MMDS, Cellular and PCS applications.
.• From DC-6GHz.
• Bi-directional protection.
• Weatherproof.
• Multiple strike capability.
• Voltage Rating: 90 Volt, 230 Volt, 350 Volt.
• RoHS compliant.
• Mounting Bracket (self-selection)



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