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Between Series Adaptors    


Since various types of equipment and circuits employ different connectors in their design, the need for a series of adaptor has presented itself when dissimilar types need to be connected, either in the application or for test purposes.

Use the table on this page to find the serial number of the required adaptor. Then consult that number on the following pages for more information on dimensions, style and part number.
The matrix shows only the most common adaptors. Please ask our sales department for adaptors not listed here.

1. P/N:SMA-42
SMA Male to N Male

2. P/N:SMA-10
SMA Male to N Female

3. P/N:SMA-11
SMA Male to BNC Female

4. P/N:SMA-24
SMA Male to TNC Female

5. P/N:SMA-44
SMA Male to UHF Female

7. P/N:SMA-09
SMA Female to N Male

8. P/N:SMA-21
SMA Female to N Female

9. P/N:SMA-23
SMA Female to BNC Female

10. P/N:SMA-13
SMA Female to TNC Male

11. P/N:30-15
7 / 16 Male to N Male

12. P/N:30-12
7 / 16 Male to N Female

13. P/N:30-11
7 / 16 Female to N Male

14. P/N:N-14
N Male to BNC Female

15. P/N:N-31
N Male to TNC Male

16. P/N:N-22
N Male to TNC Female

17. P/N:MU-24
N Male to Mini - UHF Female

18. P/N:N-15
N Male to UHF Female

19. P/N:N-28
N Male to F Female

20. P/N:BNC-22
N Female to BNC Male

21. P/N:N-40
N Female to BNC Female

22. P/N:TNC-17
N Female to TNC male

23. P/N:MU-10
N Female to Mini - UHF Male

24. P/N:UHF-16
N Female to UHF Male

25. P/N:N-29
N Female to F Male

26. P/N:N-23
N Female to UHF Female

27. P/N:BNC-42
BNC Male to TNC Female

28. P/N:MU-14
BNC Male to Mini - UHF Female

29. P/N:BNC-41
BNC Male to UHF Female

30. P/N:BNC-26
BNC Male to RCA Female

31. P/N:MU-23
BNC Female to Mini - UHF Male

32. P/N:UHF-15
BNC Female to UHF Male

34. P/N:MU-15
TNC Male to Mini - UHF Female

35. P/N:TNC-15
TNC Male to UHF Female

36. P/N:MU-12
TNC Female to Mini - UHF Male

37. P/N:UHF-18
TNC Female UHF Male

38. P/N:MU-11
Mini - UHF Male to UHF Female

39. P/N:MU-13
Mini-UHF Female to UHF Male
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