• ◎Lightning Surge Arrester (0~6GHz) PATENT ◎FAKRA SMB (Automotive connector) PATENT ◎1.85mm/ 2.4mm/ 2.92mm/ 3.5mm/ SMP/ TEST+MEASUREMENT ADAPTOR/ Low PIM ADAPTOR



SMB/SMC Series    
Flexible Cable–Clamp, Crimp. Type
PCB Mount Type
Bulkhead Receptacle
In series Adaptor
Panel Mount Receptacle

SMB connectors has a snap-on coupling allowing rapid but secue 
connections and is usable up to 4 Ghz.

SMC connectors has a threaded coupling for vibration enviroments 
and is usable up to 10 GHz.
5.Test and Measurement.
6.Base Station.
7.Microwave Components.
8. Radio Boards.
9.Video System.

Interface Dimensions (millimeters)


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